Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 14, 2012

Fuck Cancer – Mental Health Is Where It’s At

That is a T-Shirt under development by our company’s textile and clothing division – Byssus Textiles and Clothing. Many people like it because they hate cancer – they hate what it did to friends or loved ones. But Byss, the company behind this web site, will be focusing a lot of its energies on Mental Health. Yesterday I listened to CBC’s national call in show, “Cross Country Checkup” and it was focusing on Mental Health and whether Canada should spend more to develop a national strategy. I’m not so sure we should have a national strategy but I do know that the government should hire Byss to do some consulting in this area.

The reason I am posting this on The Chief Outhouse Correspondent’s web site is that the scope of the problem (dollar wise) is big enough to warrant an continuing investigation into the development of this strategy. Let’s face it if government has a chance to form some committees they will do it. So the development of a national strategy is a done deal.

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