Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 16, 2012

Texada Tough

or Texada Tuff? I’m not sure but a web site is in development at my company. As Bob Dylan says in “Brownsville Girl” “I don’t remember why I was in it (a movie) or what part I was supposed to play”. And I don’t know what the Texada Tuff web site will focus on. I made it up to explain the difference between a hobby garden and the gardens I dig at “No Nothing Farm”.

But this morning there is a whole other reason. I walk around with headphones and shades on. I first acquired these accoutrements in Vancouver. I rode the bus a lot and in Vancouver you don’t talk on the bus, which I didn’t accept, because I guess it is threatening in some way. Anyway rather than sit there uncomfortably I decided to listen to music. It pretty well changed my life. And then I thought I don’t want these freaks looking in my eyes so I added shades.

But I still do it on Texada. For many reasons. And I don’t care what people think. All I can think is “tough”, “Tough Texada”. I’m not hurting anyone. Get over yourselves. I’m doing my little part promoting Anarchy – No leaders no followers.


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