Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 19, 2012

(K)Ept in – Inept

The definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and this being my experience with BC and Canadian Politics (successive governments making mistake after mistake), I am certain that the only answer is anarchy – not the black clothed thugs breaking windows but the model of government used in open source and peer to peer initiatives.

I have been joining groups that investigate anarchy and different political ideas on Facebook. One of the groups I joined is the Libertarian Book Club. I got a choice quote from one of their posts today:

perfectly in keeping with what one can expect under a democratic system. That is, a group in power will try to rig the system so as to keep themselves in power, only to have the rules become so complex that they are ultimately cast out by the very same process by which they attempted to fend off opponents.

It seems Ron Paul is gaming the system. From the same article:

The Ron Paul campaign has taken advantage of this complex process by making a detailed study of each state’s rules, and working with them to fill a disproportionate number of delegate positions with pro-Paul people. Of course, much of the old guard is complaining that what Ron Paul supporters is doing is undemocratic.

I find this a recurring theme. When the rules work for governments they are the basis of a just society. When they don’t work and the UN Right To Food Envoy notices it and The Federal Conservative Party attacks him to sideswipe the issue they are the basis of misinterpretation.

The fact is, as Michael Douglas said in The American President, we have serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them. So get off the search and the need for a great leader. It’s a story, a dream, a myth.


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