Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 27, 2012

There Is A Difference Between An Age Old Saying

(one of the categories of this web site) and a dumb policy. Yesterday I was asked to leave The Texada Island Inn (and hopefully, well I am going to make it so, never return). When the waitress took exception to my tone (I took exception to her ignorance and presumption and general lack of consideration) the SOFTie who owns the place came out. I called her some name that rhymes with witch – which come to think of it describes her quite well. Anyway I have said many times I suffer from trauma and when I am traumatized by stupidity and greed well I return it – in spades – cause Iam (my nickname)  Bitch Nigger the Ditch Digger. I know how to shovel the shit.



  1. […] of this company as the perfect Tetris game. Yesterday one of the establishments on Texada dishonoured me for the last time. That along with an act of vandalism has changed things a bit. No more Farmers […]

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