Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 30, 2012

Some Of My Clearest Thinking Comes When Iam (my nickname) Angry

I am trying to upload a video I shot of two of the horses at No Nothing Farm. And it got me to thinking. I have a lot of naysayers. But I find in my travels people continuously commenting on how their animals seem to like me – even some animals who don’t like anybody. So I had an illumination on how to elect our next Prime Minister. We set up an animal obstacle course (maybe put in some babies and kids because they live in the moment too before they become SOFT). Whoever relates better to the animals is less likely, in my humble opinion (wait a minute I’m not humble), is less likely to have a hidden agenda. Because I find that the people who don’t like me are either SOFT (Self Obsessed, Fearful and Troubled) or have a hidden agenda.



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