Posted by: Ian Bruk | May 31, 2012

Good Bye Boss Snob Hello Dr. Do Lots

I find myself returning to Dr. Do Lots. And Iam not ready to launch another web site. My company is in the process of transitioning from to a Joomla based web presence. But the Chief Outhouse Correspondent’s sidekick Boss Snob could be sacrificed. I have not developed his character at all. And it will be sort of like Dr. Watson to the Chief’s Sherlock Holmes.

The Dr. Do Lots Meta4 is far reaching. Above all I do lots. You can see that from my posts and the many different categories of my company’s web site. Secondly I seem to be writing about and photographing animals more and more. And I have a website Communicate The Other. So it makes sense Dr. Dolittle and The Other Dr. Do Lots. And my most far reaching project, Co-Incidents Recovery Program and Centers, could use a doctor couldn’t it?



  1. […] The horses are “active”. Our company strives to be active and I just created the brand “Dr. Do Lots“. […]

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