Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 4, 2012

Looking For A Chief Outhouse Correspondent

Focusing on The Edgeconomy, Transformation Infrastructure and Politics 2.0 – in a word “Anarchy”. The Eagles song “Try And Love Again” has changed my life. Though I (and some audiences) find politics interesting – it is, and always has been, a thieving, blood sucking bunch of assholes who think they know better than you how to live your life. People who teach how to “take”a living instead of “make” a living. They’re anal retentive and they don’t listen – so I’ll fuck them up the ass. It might help.

Iam Dr. Do Lots. And as the song says, “You were lost until you found out what it all comes down to”. I have been illuminated. Truth, Love, Beauty – Other Words for God? I have everything I ever wanted. The only thing I am missing is focus. And Iam focusing on Dr. Do Lots. And I’m not going to let this web site die. It is where a lot of it started for me.


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