Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 17, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

I had to cancel a planned trip because the person I was visiting was not ready. I received an email where they hoped they had not incovenienced me too much. I tried to let then know it was not a problem. I realized that the reason it didn’t matter (even though I had prepared myself so well for the trip and taking time off from multiple projects) is that “Nothing Matters”.

When I say that nothing matters what I mean is that I have been so adaptable in these last 8 months that I can handle pretty much any thing thrown my way these days. And when plans change I have so many projects that I can busy myself anywhere.

But something about that title though. “A Funny Thing Happened”. This email exchange has given me a new direction for The Chief Outhouse Correspondent. He is going to try and teach these valuable lessons and make this web site a forum on how to live in a society, or this society, that we find ourselves in. And he is gong to come at it from the perspective of Nothing Matters so what’s your next move. Because some things do matter.


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