Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 18, 2012

Co-Incident? I Think Therefore Iam

I have been looking for a book one of the few people who visited me in the hospital leant me. Neither of us could remember the title. This morning I noticed a book on my floor. “The Way Of Life According To Lao- Tzu”. I wasn’t looking for something of this sort but I noticed a Chinese character on the front of the book. My room mate is learning to write Chinese so I was going to give it to him. But he was not up yet. I started reading and found this:

Lao-Tzu knew that organization and institution(s) interfere with a man’s responsibility to himself and therefore with his proper use of life, that the more any outside authority interferes with a man’s use of life and the less the man uses it according to his own instinct and conscience, the worse for the man and the worse for society. The only authority is “the way of life” itself; a man’s sense of it is the only priest or prophet.



  1. […] I think it should be called “The Way Of Government”. The preface of the book talked a little about his view of authority. Then yesterday I read this: Rid of formalized wisdom and  learning […]

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