Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 20, 2012

The Way Of Life?

I am reading “The Way Of Life According to Lao Tzu” and sometimes I think it should be called “The Way Of Government”. The preface of the book talked a little about his view of authority. Then yesterday I read this:

Rid of formalized wisdom and  learning people would be a hundredfold happier

Rid of conventionalized duty and honor people would find their families dear

Rid of legalized profiteering people would have no thieves to fear

These methods of life have faded, all three, here is the way, it seems to me:

Set people free, as deep in their hearts they would like to be, from private greeds and wanton needs.

This is so spot on to the philosophy of this web site. This so perfectly describes the present political and economic situation. It also reminds me of the legitimacy of the “Occupy” movement. But what it so most perfectly describes is all the “getting and spending” that goes on – all for “private greeds and wanton needs” – wow.



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