Posted by: Ian Bruk | June 29, 2012

Canada Day and July 4th?

Why not celebrate Bastille Day?- the national holiday of France:

the people of Paris, fearful that they and their representatives would be attacked by the royal military, and seeking to gain ammunition and gunpowder for the general populace, stormed the Bastille, a fortress-prison in Paris which had often held people jailed on the basis of lettres de cachet, arbitrary royal indictments that could not be appealed. Besides holding a large cache of ammunition and gunpowder, the Bastille had been known for holding political prisoners whose writings had displeased the royal government

But why not celebrate my own national holiday? That has more meaning to me than an arbitrary border set up 200 years ago. I do not believe in nation states. I want 7 billion flowers to bloom. I could celebrate a Day Of Byss. And we could meditate on the one freedom worth talking about – economic freedom.


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