Posted by: Ian Bruk | July 2, 2012


In my most recent trip to Vancouver I had three incidents with the bus:

  1. Asked a bus driver if is bus went anywhere near to a place I was interested in getting to – I can only describe his attitude in giving the answer as “I just work here it doesn’t mean I have to be nice about it”.
  2. Waiting at a bus stop for a particular bus and assuming that because I saw three of the buses I was hoping to catch drive the other way that they would be there soon. Not being told by the other bus that made stops at that stop that service would not start for at least another 30 minutes. Why bother telling the schmucks waiting at the bus stop – I just work here?
  3. Signing onto check the schedule of the bus to Powell River after finding only the 3rd computer could access the stupid PDF file only to find I would have missed the last ferry to Texada by 5 minutes. No note from the web master who probably just “works there”.

I can only surmise that all these people just work there and are too bus(y) with stuff that actually interests them (not their jobs obviously).


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